Stuck on start screen (Fairphone)

  • Hi, I did a stupid thing. I may have deleted UBTouch / corrupted it by trying to re-run the installer on a non-dev installation and/or removed the OS data via the UB touch recovery mode. It is now stuck on the loading screen. adb or the ub-ports installer doesn't find it. Trying to boot into recovery doesn't work. What can I do? Thanks in advance, 11c54b33-974f-4cdb-b650-fc366f232599.jpg

  • Can you still boot to bootloader mode and does fastboot devices see the phone in that case?

    You could then try to reinstall the recovery. First download the recovery image

    wget -O recovery.img && echo "534cc2da2add4a2bd8136b01069ed7dbe432076659fd4780910b6910b916f77b recovery.img" | sha256sum -c

    Followed by

    fastboot flash recovery recovery.img

    Then check if at least booting to recovery works again.

  • @Ingo Thanks a lot, I managed to get it into recovery and then install an update with the installer software to resolve the issue!

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