Differences between Nexus 4 models?

  • I am looking to purchase another Nexus 4 to run UT on. I have an E960 now and have been searching eBay and see model numbers like SPH_D720, SCH-I515, LMY48T. Will any model support UT or do I need to stick to a specific model? I am having some issues with the E960 and want to have a phone to back/clone to.


  • Why only the N4? why not something more modern but still cheap like an n5 or even an opo?
    Anyways idk a lot about it sry

  • The size - even the Nexus 4 is bigger than I prefer.

  • IMHO I had a Nexus4 before to run UT and it isn't really up to the task. Yes the size is nice, but the CPU isn't fast enough to run UT well and the Nexus 4 has a serious over heating problem (also under Android) that destroys the digitalizer of the screen. After the second screen replacement I had enough and switched to a Nexus5.

    Edit: the model I have says Model LG-960 on the back.

  • I have to disagree, I have been using a Nexus 4 on UT for about a year now, and I love it! It certainly isn't the fastest phone in the world, but I don't notice any extra slowdown on UT vs Android. I have also never had an issue with overheating.
    And mine also says LG E960.

  • @vlladdrakk Same here. I have been using my Nexus 4 about 2 years with UT now. Works great. It's certainly not the fastest, but UT runs just fine. Also, no overheating for me.

    edit: To answer the question: the only difference as far as I know is storage size. 8 or 16 gb.

  • @mooncosmique said in Differences between Nexus 4 models?:


    This is a Nexus 4. There are only two versions, 8GB and 16GB.

    @mooncosmique said in Differences between Nexus 4 models?:


    This is a Samsung Nexus S, which is not an LG Nexus 4, nor supported.

    @mooncosmique said in Differences between Nexus 4 models?:


    This is Samsung Galaxy Nexus, which is not supported.

    @mooncosmique said in Differences between Nexus 4 models?:


    This is not a phone model, but factory image version for 5.1.1 on Nexus 4.

  • The Nexus4 overheating issues are a fairly wide spread issue though, there are even hardware modding guides to try to fix it:

    But I am personally sceptical that this "air-gap" is a design issue, but rather suspect it was put there for heat isolation of the screen, to prevent damage to it. Even though I didn't do is hardware mod I am quite certain that the screen digitalizer (what makes the touchscreen work) was damaged twice by this overheating issue on my old Nexus4.

  • Thanks for all the responses and the breakdown of models. My main criteria for a phone is different than most people, I never use social media, seldom access the Internet and mostly just want reliable phone service and texting without invasive ads, some note taking and decent photos. Size is most crucial, I just want it to fit comfortably in my front pocket - and I don't want to spend much more than $50. The Nexus 4 is just over this size, but it's the smallest I can find that supports UT at this time. I had been using a WebOS Palm Pixi for the longest time, still the best phone I have owned.

    I have not noticed overheating problems but again I don't really use my phone that much during the course of the day. UT runs fine, maybe not super speedy but not any slowness that I find noticeable. I have a handful of other issues that irk me but I want to have a phone to clone so I can safely re-install UT to see if that clears any of them up.

    I will pick up another E960 and continue to experiment with alternate OSs. I like UT but still curious to see how something like Paranoid Android works. It also supports the Nexus 4.

    Thanks again, really appreciate the advice

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