Oneplus3 UBports installer issue

  • I built my own halium image for my oneplus3 but couldn't get it to install correctly. I then noticed that the installer now supports the oneplus3 per Marius' tweet.

    When I try to install I am initially presented with a message:

    Device not supported
    The device OnePlus3T is not supported

    I tried selecting "Oneplus 3(T)" manually from the list but the install gets stuck with a message along the lines of "Sending image to phone"

    Meanwhile, the phone is at what looks like a recovery menu with 3 options that were something like:

    1. Reboot
    2. Ubuntu Options
    3. Andoid Options

    I reimaged back to TWRP and android, tried again but had the same results.

  • @banderson5586 Hi! A few of us are having similar problems with the installer and the issues are being looked at in the Porting category:

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