bq M10 Critical battery temp?

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    I'm currently running my M10 FHD with Android and today while driving Android alerted that "Battery temp is critical". "Remove battery". Temp inside car was about 30°C and i used it in car the whole last summer with UT and never got anykind of temp warnings and there were days car was noticeably hotter than today.

    Of course sun was shining on the tab and it was much hotter, but it has been much hotter before. And with UT battery was even hotter because it drained battery faster than the 2A charger could provide. Now it was charged @ 100%.

    Is there any temp monitoring in UT, and if so when should it react, and what should happen? Exploding battery doesn't sound too nice while driving...

  • @aallternator As a truck driver and using these devices a lot while driving : You may just be giving it a lot to do,gps mapping,music etc,and maybe other stuff running you don't really notice, worth looking at before you give yourself a headache trying to fix it

  • We are not here for Android support. Please see another forum for that.

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