Devel version : How to reach the "Desktop Apps Scope" to access the apps installed through Libertine ?

  • Hi Everybody,

    I just installed the UT dev channel to check if my previous bluetooth trouble (I have not tested yet) should be solved (here the topic).

    Anyway, my question is about "Desktop Apps Scope" (which is available by swiping from the device bottom in stable & RC version). How could it be reachable through the devel (and edge) version ?

    Appendix question: what is the difference between the devel version and the edge version (there is no mention of this edge version in the doc)?

  • There are no more scopes. Libertine apps will simply appear in the main app drawer next to all normal apps, now.

    There is an issue being worked on still, to get automatic refresh of the app drawer working. Until then, one will need to reboot after installing new apps, to get them to show up in the app drawer.

    There is currently no difference between devel and edge (though I think edge is broken at the moment after the changes from it were merged to devel). Focus is on getting the remaining final issues in devel solved, so that it can be migrated to RC.

  • Many thanks for your answers, Dobey.
    It's quite clear for me now. ☺

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