Suggestions/recommendations for Touchscreen laptop/2-in-1/tablet?

  • I purchased a new unused Nexus 5 to enter this community. I flashed it in February 2019 but I have yet to transfer to this as my primary phone. I considered developing a tablet for a while but I must admit a touchscreen laptop is more desirable in view of their slightly larger size. Are there particular hardware platforms that are suggested or recommended for the desktop development project(s)? The 12.3" Surface Pro tablets could be interesting as these are not too small but size alone does not matter! Did I really write that? Earlier efforts identified the Acer C720P Chromebook as a solid hardware foundation for running lightweight distributions on. While this is smaller than I prefer to use as a primary computer it is also a fully functioning touchscreen. These can be purchased for low cost all over ebay currently.

  • @RVan
    I can't offer any advice about hardware - sorry - but your post did make me wonder if the new UBPorts images might make porting UT onto more tablets possible...?

    IF so, then the time of Unity8 and Convergence is coming!

  • @3arn0wl - The list of tablets being worked on is certainly small but significant. I considered this route after I got the Nexus 5 working properly on stable. The Nexus 7 is a nice tablet but it is difficult to pursue something like this as a transitional piece of hardware. I had more positive thoughts regarding the LG G Pad 8.3 Google Edition but have seen few for sale. I know of examples of the C720/C720P running LXLE. I am uncertain how the 1.4 GHz dual core Celeron 2955U would work but these Chromebooks featured 2 GB DDR3L RAM so it possesses promising hardware specifications. If I can determine this test case Chromebook merely leans toward a successful result this I will be all in!

  • I'm typing this on an ASUS Transformerbook T300 Chi. It's running Pop!_OS right now, but it runs it well and everything works... even the active pen/digitizer!

    Unfortunately you'll have trouble finding a used one for a good price... looks like everyone that wants one has one, and everyone who has one wants it.

  • I'm running Ubuntu 19.10 on an Asus T100ha and it works suprisingly well for what I'm using it for (basic websurfing, quick notes using Standard Notes, etc...). The only things that aren't working are the camera and the micro HDMI port (the latter may be a hardware issue as the port looks like it might be damaged). Just using Gnome for the DE but I'd think that Unity8 would work too. Also I've got a Nexus 7 with UT that I've been happy with- comes in handy when I want to try something out without screwing up my daily driver Nexus 5 🙂

  • I know the T300 Chi & T100ha. These 2-in-1s are not listed on any website but this is almost to be expected. Making something work is a different exercise than documenting the same. I also stumbled across the GaliumOS. Apparently, this is Chromebook specific distribution built on top of Xubuntu and features the Xfce desktop as you might expect. There is a large list of supported devices here:

    This suggests integrating the touchscreen capability to Galium should be a useful approach for the Chromebook market. I was very surprised to learn a Chromebook can cost in excess of $500...something seems wrong with this.

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