Trying to Re-install

  • Trying to reflash UT. Got as far as "Flashing Firmware - Flashing partitions using fastboot" The device (Nexus 4) shows the open droid and says "downloading... but it seems to have hung up at this point. There is a "Start" button at the top of the nexus screen - do I need to press start? How long does flashing take? Can I safely get out of this mode?


  • Restarted - error in UT installer says FAILED (write to devicefailed in sendbuffer protocol error)

    also - killed";false, "code":1, signal":null, "cmd"; "/opt/ubports/installer/resources/app.asar.unpacked/ .....

    What should I do to make this work?


  • Hi,
    I also had a problem to install UT on a Nexus 4.
    The best for you :

    • Reboot the phone by holding simultaneously the Power button and Volume down button.
    • You should have the Android boot screen with the indication START at the top.
    • Hold the Volume (down or up) button to find the Recovery mode. When you find it, hold the Power button.
    • On the computer use the UBports installer, connect the phone to usb port then follow the indications given by the installer.

  • Ok - I will try again later and post with my results.


  • I wasn't in developer mode. I had thought I had enabled it earlier but was obviously mistaken

    Thanks for your help

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