Nexus 5 LED control via /sys?

  • I'm not sure if this is a hardware problem with my own Nexus 5 or not. Can somebody with a shell (and root) on a Nexus 5 go to /sys/class/leds/blue and "echo 255 > brightness" and tell me if it makes your LED light up? The LED stays dark for me, although the white camera LED with similar manipulations lights right up.


  • It stays dark for me too. Nothing happened

  • It works for me on BQ E4.5

    Do you have write permission on the disk?

    sudo mount /dev/loop0 / -o remount,rw

  • Hi,

    no this is a bug, we track it here:

    Commit will come with one of the next updates hopefully.


  • Thanks, but since I was root, the permission issue wasn't it.

    Turns out there's some notion of RGB lock in the LED driver for the Nexus 5. To make the LED's do things you have to bracket your changes with writing 0 to rgb_start, then make changes, then when you write 1 to rgb_start you'll see them. I now have a nice blinking red LED, which will be quite handy for visual indication of new notification!

    (Asiek777, thanks for verifying that it wasn't a hardware problem on my end.)

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