Call for testing: updated Pulseaudio from Ubuntu 16.04

  • I've (re-)imported the changes made to Pulseaudio in Ubuntu 16.04. This primarily improves the experience of using Bluetooth headsets with the phone. However, there's a report of regression due to these changes before. I've fixed that one specific regression, but I'm not sure if there's any other regression due to these changes.

    Please only test this change on a device running the latest images from the devel channel, and test responsibly! In other words, try it on a spare device or when you know you'll be near a computer you can use for reflashing. [1]

    To test, please follow the instruction:

    1. Mount a tmpfs so apt can breathe: sudo mount -t tmpfs tmpfs /var/cache/apt/archives
    2. Install the repository: sudo ubports-qa install xenial_-_pulseaudio-updates-to-0ubuntu3.10
    3. Reboot your phone.

    See if there's any regression in both built-in speaker, wired headset and Bluetooth headset. If possible, use a Bluetooth headset that can be in both music mode (hi-fidelity audio) and call mode (low-latency 2-way audio).

    You may want to also follow this test plan from Canonical if you want to be extra sure there's no regression:

    Note for OnePlus One users: It's been reported that Bluetooth on OnePlus One is unstable in general. Thus, you may want to skip testing Bluetooth on this particular device.

    Known issue: The issue that the playing streams won't switch to the headset after a re-connect is known, and will be fixed after this [2].

    [1] This specific instruction courtesy of Dalton Durst.

  • Not sure if we should be replying here or on issue 1045 so i'll just go ahead and post here for now.

    I noticed no issue with audio on any application that i tried while using the headset audio and a wired headset. Bluetooth audio is great for music and system sounds but still awful while making a call (audio feedback on the headphone side, mic volume appears to be too low on the other end of the call).

    On the plus side, once i ended the call, the phone immediately continued playing music on the Bluetooth headset. For completeness, I tested this with three bluetooth headsets and two bluetooth speakers with built in mics.

  • @geekvine On what device?

  • @mihael sorry Nexus 5 on the latest devel

  • Did anyone test this on a Pro 5? - I'm on rc channel so I cannot test this right now. I'm very excited about any improvements to bluetooth audio...

  • @mihael Sadly, not any improvement. Sound did not get through, it did connect to Volvo Truck Bluetooth though. But it never worked on Pro5...

  • @Stefano Thank you for testing and posting.

  • Tested on BQ E4.5 and only audio music playing works correctly. When in calling mode, no sound is route to headset.
    Thanks for working in this patch.

  • @dR0W Is it regression or it has been in this way for some time already?

  • Sorry @peat_psuwit, I don't now if this is a regression. I only can tell you that I was playing music correctly and then I received an incoming call, then the music playing stopped correctly but I couldn't hear nothing through the headset.
    I can test all that you need, but in that way give me instructions for testing so I will give you more information.

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