Can You Sideload Apps Onto Ubuntu Touch? (Wifi Randomly Not Working)

  • On Nexus 5, my wifi is working randomly - I can't figure out what's causing it if anyone has suggestions on how to improve the wifi.

    But I was wondering if you could sideload apps on to the device without having to connect to the internet? I tried a fresh install to fix the wifi problem and lost all previous apps.

    (Also, is anything new with Anbox? Libertine containers never worked when I tried them in System Settings.)

    Thx in advance for any ideas!

    edit: by testing installing Android, I think I can confirm the wifi issues are hardware related as the wifi also does not work on Android. I noticed on here there was a guide to reverse tethering on Ubuntu Touch which is awesome and I might like to try eventually, I found also "gnirehtet" that provided such functionality for Android, although I don't know if there are any problems with it (it "just works" as far as I can tell).

  • UT tweak tool has an option to manually install click packages AFAIK. But of course you need to get that installed first 😉

  • Just click on the .click file in the file explorer and open with OpenStore 😉

  • You can install apps manually, but to use hash verification you'll also need the sha512 hash from the store.

    From your PC with the device connected to USB and Developer Mode enabled and authenticated, you can run:

    adb push *.click
    adb shell "(pkcon install-local --allow-unauthenticated *.click && rm *.click)"

    This will copy the click files you've downloaded to your device, and then install and remove them from the device.

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