Importing 2FA keys

  • Is there a way to easily import keys for either 2FA Manager or Authenticator NG ? On my old Mate 30 I was able to export the keys from FreeOTP+ to json format and move it over to my new Nexus 5 but I don't see an import option.

  • There is currently no import feature in authenticator-ng, but you could write a script to convert the JSON format to the INI format used, and concatenate it to the ~/.config/authenticator-ng.dobey/authenticator.conf file.

    Replace each {part} with the appropriate part in the data below, for each account:


    Generally speaking, {pin_length} will probably always be 6 and {time_step} will probably always be 30. If you have a script that converts the JSON to this format for each account, and puts them in a file with a blank line between each entry, it should work in Authenticator NG.

  • 2FA Manager doesn't have an import option yet but it's a feature that could be added soon 🙂

  • @PublicLewdness said in Importing 2FA keys:

    I was able to export the keys from FreeOTP+ to json format

    Do you get a json file per key?

  • @PublicLewdness I have just updated 2FA manager and now you should be able to import keys from json or txt files from FreeOTP+

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