(Solved by bypass) Connecting to eduroam using Python

  • Hello!

    I am quite new to Ubuntu Touch, and to be honest, smartphones in general, but I do have some experience with Desktop Ubuntu.

    I am now stuck in trying to get the new-fangled eduroam installer to work, to access my University's eduroam network.

    For Desktop Linux, they provide a Python script to be executed in the Terminal, however Ubuntu Touch doesn't seem to have Python installed, and I'm not sure how to do that.

    Alternatively, there is an Android app for that, and I've heard mutterings of the possibility to emulate (some of) those, but I can't seem to find the app for that, either.

    Can anyone help guide me through this?

    I have Ubuntu 16.04 on a LGE Nexus 5, if that is relevant.

  • Thank you! What this script does, as far as I can see, does sound like what the Python script does when there is no Network Manager (making a wpa_supplicant configuration file), so it's the right direction. However, this script is specifically for the University of Waterloo and needs a user account at that University, which regrettably is not mine. And I am not sure if I can just change it manually by changing it in the script. Do you think that would work?

    Also, they say that they got that .sh-file at cat.eduroam.org, but there I can't find an option to download .sh-files. They upgraded the system (at least in Germany) a couple of months ago, maybe it's not possible this way anymore.

  • @fluffy python is provided with ubuntu phone.
    However with the system in Read only you might have some issue to launch it.
    could you share the link for curiosity ?

  • OK, thanks. Is there a tutorial on how to make the scripts launchable? Or is it similar to making Shell-Scripts executable on Desktop?

    I can't link the download side - the URL doesn't change when clicking through the options.
    Basically, just click on cat.eduroam.org on the "download your installer" button, select any (German) University (f.e. Technische Universit├Ąt Berlin, they have the same system as my University). The site then auto-detects your OS (for Ubuntu Touch that's Android for some reason), but you can also choose to get any other installer with the link below.
    I can also provide the Python Script directly, if you want?

  • Never mind, I just scrolled all the way down on my Uni's IT site and they do still give the option of manual configuration using a security certificate. I'm in ­čśâ

    Thanks for your help!

  • Looking at the script, you would have end up performing manually

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