• As explain in this news, , there will be a pinetab early adopter batch, especialy if an OS is working well on it.

    [edit 8/11/2019] Vox Populi, Vox Dei. Looks like there is a lot of interest in an early-adopter production run of the PineTab. Subsequently we have decided to make it happen. We still need an suitable OS to emerge however; we hope that news of the production now being underway will help in making this happen.

    What is the status of UT on Pinetab? Is working? Mature?

  • was mentioned in a recent video Q&A. Apparently quite some issues and no-one is actively working on it right now I think.

  • @poVoq I've read it but I'm hoping that with such decision from pine64 (made after a massive request from pine64 followers), it would inspire a developer to have a look at it.
    With UT available on pinephone and pinetab, it would help UT to be more known and other devs might be attracted to it.

  • So the Pinetab isn't just a pinephone with a bigger screen?

  • It would seem it is more like a PineBook with touchscreen and detachable keyboard.

  • During the QT 64 ( they have answered this question as following :

    Ubuntu Touch on PineTab

    Thatoo asked about running UT on the PineTab. That is very similar to the PinePhone and is at about the same stage with UT. Both need work done and at the moment both have experimental rather than practical builds. Our focus is of course with the phone, as it suits our objectives better.

    So, no, the PineTab seems to be very close to the PinePhone. However, it won't get the same focus.
    Hopefully, any improvement made on PinePhone will help the PineTab to get better and hopefully, a kind dev will end the job and make it fully usable as the PinePhone.

    Thank you all, UBports, Pine64, for your great work,

  • The Pinebook (original), PineTab and PinePhone range of devices from Pine64 seem to share much underlying hardware. But the Pine64 website itself states that: "The PINETAB is similar in both form, function and underlying ARM64 architecture to the original 11.6″ PINEBOOK."

    But, be that as it may, the answer given in the Q&A stands on its own.

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