Overclocking options?

  • Looking to squeeze a little more performance out of my Nexus 5 with some overclocking. In the past I would have done this through custom kernels in Cyanogenmod. Anyone know how I might make this work from Ubports?

  • You cannot, and whatever performance issues you're seeing are almost certainly unrelated to the clock speed of the SoC.

  • Just adding, you are free to modify the kernel as you like, but we wont give any advices to do so, since it can seriously damage your hardware. The kernel source that we use is in our Github organization repos, so you can use that and the manifest to build yourself a bootable kernel.


  • @Flohack Got it, thanks! I'll check it out.

    @dobey Fair enough, I've had nothing but quick response times from Ubports and native apps. But I've done a thermal mod on my phone and have some headroom to play around with so I figured, why not?

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