Usability issues watching Peertube videos

  • Hello,

    I was wondering if other people have these usability issues watching Peertube videos:

    • Videos cannot be displayed in full screen, there's always a wide black border.
    • The video settings (gear icon second to right) are impossibly hard to get as the menu flashes in a second most of the time. After multiple tries (10 to 20 if not more!!!) it will sometimes stay open for a few seconds; I'm then most of the time unable to access the Quality or Speed submenus.
    • These issues happen on both Morph and Demo Browser.

    I'm using an OPO on the rc channel.


  • Well I just checked with Firefox on Android. I have the same menu and submenu issues, so this seems to be a problem with Peertube itself. But fullscreen works.

  • Am I really the only person on this forum trying to watch videos on Peertube? I find that disappointing.

    I would think that this was a community that took open source, privacy and trying to free themselves from Google and its services to heart... Peertube is right down that alley.

  • @normandc

    🙂 I'm trying to encourage the foundation to set up a peertube server for their videos. I'm also hoping for the day when the Q&A can be broadcast on peertube, rather than youtube but, from what I understand, peertube isn't quite ready for that yet.

    But to answer your question, the Q&A is the only thing I watch on youtube.

  • Thanks for your reply, at least that makes two of us trying to use Peertube. Out of a whole community. It's quite unfathomable to me. 😕

    Anyway, not to sound ungrateful, I've been contributing to open source projects for the last 10+ years (not as dev but mostly documentation with close coordination with devs) so I think I know something about the other side of the fence. I like the UBports project, I want it to succeed, and I'm commited to using UT as my main device OS. Still, I am really confused by what I consider obvious blind spots, such as this one and a few others (the whole Telegram thing).

    BTW I found a workaround about the full screen issue: in the address bar, change the /watch/ in the url for /embed/.

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