Convergence after update

    Bonjour à tous
    Depuis la mise à jour du 14/06 sur à la 15.O4 R1 toujour le problème dans la convergence, impossible accéder à internet que ce soit Google +, Gmail ou par le naviguateur.
    Hello everyone
    Since the update of the 14/06 on to the 15.O4 ​​R1 always the problem in the convergence, impossible to access the Internet whether it be Google +, Gmail or by the navigator.

  • @Locamama I always had the problem on Pro 5 in convergence, browser crashing, not being able to connect to internet, it's long time issue on standard Canonical image, it has not been fixed yet.

  • @Stefano
    Sur ubuntu touch sous canonical la 14, il me semble je me connectais avec un ecran sans problème

    On ubuntu touch under canonical the 14, it seems to me I connected with a screen without problem

  • I'm not entirely sure what the problem is, or where it lies, but it's definitely something to do with webapps. Any app that uses the web (browser, dekko, etc.) all crash when in a monitor connected convergence state.

    Convergence with just a mouse/keyboard is fine. Adding a monitor is when problems begin...

    This happens in both r1 and I think was prevalent (but not as bad) in OTA-15.

  • In OTA 14 it was ok!

  • It would be so great, if convergence mode with external screen would run again with ubports image...

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