IRC bridging down since days

  • Is it just me or has the IRC bridge to #ubports on freenode been down for days?

    Also would be nice if the app development channel on Matrix could be bridged.

    If you need any help with operating these bridges please let me know.

  • the ubot5 came online again yesterday I think, but I still don't see any messages being relayed from Telegram.

    As mentioned above, I would be happy to help with bridging as I run a Matterbridge on my server anyways. Just let me know if this is something that can be out-sourced.

  • I'm not sure we'd like to out-source the bridge's hosting, but I would really love some help with managing it... We need to move all of our Matrix bridges within the next few weeks, and I've seen Matterbridge used successfully in the Pine64 community... the only people who complain are on Matrix. 🙂

  • Hmm, the problem with Matterbridge is that you configure it with a yaml file on the server, so while I don't mind helping out with managing it (which really isn't that much work after the initial setup) it would require you giving me an SSH access to your server. Sadly there is no webgui to manage Matterbridge.

    Edit: there is one in the works it seems:

  • Looks like the IRC bridge is down again.

    There is also no bridge to the app-dev channel on Matrix it seems 😞

  • @poVoq @myii said the app dev matrix bridge is up and working fine and @mariogrip maybe the one to look for the IRC bridge.

  • Seems to be down again since days... this half-assed Matrix stuff is really not production ready.

    I hope you will switch to Matterbridge soon. It's rock solid and hardly needs any server resources.

  • The matrix bridges are rather stable, actually. The IRC bridge is handled by TeleIRC, which seems to have taken its last breath. Matterbridge is not out of the question, but we need to sit down and set it up right if we're going to do it. That's the main problem.

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