Tablet shuts off after a while (when having Mediaplayer opened)

  • hi there,

    yesterday, my Nexus 7 flo powered off completly two times.

    I was watching some video with the on board player then locked my tablet and put it away for some (longer) time - maybe 1-2 hrs. Then I picked it up again and I had to turn it on - because it was off.

    I left the mediaplayer running (video was paused) before I locked it by tapping the powerbutton 1x

    First, I thought this may drained the battery, but it wasn´t the case. Power was still at around 80%.
    I startet videoplayer again, paused it and locked screen. This time, I left the device connected to powercord the whole night.

    this morning, the device was "off" again. looks like it has shutdown it self again...

    After watching video again today, I left it locked again for like 30min and it has not shut down itself.

    Hmmm, maybe I should just wait longer, until this shutdown happens?
    Yesterday, it was conencted to WLAN all the time, but actually, it has no WLAN avail... besides this, I can not imagine any other significant difference, to yesterday...

    I did not noticed such behavior in the past few days (but I did not have mediaplayer opened, when locking tablet back then - so I think this could be the issue)

    Is this a know issue / bug / feature?
    Is there may a logfile, that will give some clues, why it has shut down?


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