[solved] Problem importing VCF file to Contacts app

  • Hello. I did a clean install of Ubuntu Touch, in the hope that it would solve some issues.

    Anyway, I'm now finding that I can't figure out how to get the Contacts app to import a VCF file ("contacts.vcf"). I put this file in the Documents directory. When, using the file manager, I tried to select it to open it, it only gave me the option of opening it with the Messaging app, which does not help. No other option was given.

    I then opened the Contacts app. But the only import options it gives are "Import contacts from Google" and "Import contacts from SIM card". Neither of these options are helpful to me.

    I've had this issue previously, and, if I remember correctly, opening the VCF file in the file manager gave the option to open it with the Contacts app, which then imported it. I'm not sure why I'm not getting that option now.

    All help is appreciated.

  • I solved this. Seems it doesn't work if it's in the Documents directory. It did work when I moved it to the Downloads directory.

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