Shoshana Zuboff, author of 'Surveillance Capitalism', gives a lecture


    Her lecture begins at the 13 minute mark. I'm currently reading her book. I'm at page 400 of the book (it's about 550 pages long). It's a very good book, though a bit overly wordy, IMO. It touches upon issues of privacy, knowledge, information technology, and social media. I feel these are all pertinent issues for those of us who wish to see a world of actual choice.

  • Ubuntu Touch was an idea to provide the same basic experience and apps on both PCs and phones/tablets, which potentially could be a significant improvement in our experience with devices. But, going against the behemoth of those companies that engage in surveillance capitalism and only respect money (IE, have no respect for users), makes developing and putting forward such new and interesting innovations a huge challenge.

    Here's another video that is shorter. This one, rather than a speech, is a documentary with a more bullet-point style highlighting her main ideas. Recommended.

    She describes how Google, then Facebook, and now a whack of others (including Ford Motor company) are moving away from trying to make compelling good products to sell to people, and instead are relying upon obtaining data about people to sell to business to better predict (and at times manipulate) buying patterns. It's largely done without our knowledge, and thus harms privacy rights. Further, because it is very lucrative, it takes away from the creation of decent new products, instead focusing a large amount of resources on obtaining data about users. Ford Motor Companies, for instance, could be working on developing a decent zero emission car. But instead, they are focusing on surveillance of and collection of data from their users, to then sell to other businesses. This trend is harmful to society as a whole, and harmful to people who find they are always being watched (often without even knowing it).

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