• I just got my slimport cable, and despite the issues, It. Is. AMAZING!

    I'm on devel chanel right now and I past a couple hours playing around with it on desktop mode and I wanted to say how nice it is! My personal workflow include email, youtube and remote dev through ssh with vim/tmux so nothing that the UT phone can't do.

    Can't wait for the nexdock so that I can replace my laptop XD

  • Ah, so convergence is working again on devel with the Nexus5? Cool, need to test again 🙂

  • I suggest using UT tweak Tool and dropping the Scaling all the way down to 6. It's not flawless but it makes it usable. Beware to rest it before going back to a phone.

  • There are a couple of issues affecting external displays in devel but most of them are being worked on already. Good to know it works on you. Did you need to reboot/restart Unity8 for the external display to work? or it just worked?

  • @poVoq
    I just tried it with my N5 (dev 1323) again...
    The phone screen looks like a mouse with 2 virtual buttons and an icon that suggests it should produce a keyboard when pressed... but it doesn't.

    The monitor goes dark grey, indicating that there is some input. But there are no icons, no welcome circle.
    I tried rebooting the N5, but the same thing happened.

    It's not a resolution thing, is it?

  • @kugiigi yes I did need to restart unity, but for scaling you need too anyway so I connect, change the scaling and restart once.

  • @3arn0wl the keybord bukey wasn't working indeed. I was using a bluethoot keybord.

  • All those issues were introduced in the Unity8/mir but most of them are being worked on if not already fixed 🙂
    The keyboard showing in the external display has been closed just today I think.

    So for now, you have to restart unity8/reboot after plugging in the external display for it work. Scaling is fine in the right side of the screen but if you want, you can set system scaling to 8 (1080p monitor) so that everything looks fine.

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