Zooming in on webapp?

  • Hello everyone! i have created a simple youtube-desktop mode webapp using the non-ogra-webapp container.

    everything seems to work fine however i would like to zoom out by default because there are some stuff that doesnt show.

    i could not find any mention of it in the documentation
    does anyone know how to do this?

  • I have browsed through morph-browser code, especially the parts, were environment variable or command line arguments processing occurs and I could not find any part, that changes the zoom factor from outside app. I'm afraid, there is currently no way to change zoom factor at webapp start (maybe I overlooked something and I'm wrong).

    However, it can be implemented. The fastest way is to implement it yourself & then send an pull request. Or, if you are not confident in your current skills, fill a bug report an wait.

  • The zoom behaviour of Morph is currently being improved. I'm not sure what changes are in stable, but webapps in dev channel certainly have access to zoom settings by the user.

    There is no option to set it in the command line for webapps, but I recall seeing the suggestion out there. Maybe in time.

    for command line options that are available see: