VPN's and more

  • I have been following " Rob Braxman" on youtube and using his "Brax.Me " app, and invested in his VPN service . More security / privacy.
    Instructions are there for all kinds of OS's for VPN's
    I am using "webber" to link to the "Brax.Me"( app ) page
    I have been having a go at getting the vpn on my bqm10fhd, not succesful yet, due to my lack off ,brain cells
    Rob is waiting for his Pinephone ,like some of us,
    He is a cyber security expert so........

    Please Familiarise yourself with his devices / services / his app is HIPPA rated

    Try his isp locator to see how bad your security is

    Hope this will help those security minded amongst us that are not looking very hard,
    no excuses now

  • Nothing to do with a VPN but now that on the dev channel, the in my opinion very useful 'start in private mode' privacy feature is now implemented.
    Thanks Balcy.

  • I was able to get Private Internet Access (PIA) working and am satisfied with it. I used the ISP checker and am secure.

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