Oneplus One camera

  • I just got hold of a Oneplus One. I flashed it with ubports, and everything went smooth. I would like to use this as my daily phone - I've been using the MX4 Ubuntu edition for the last two years, but somehow the Oneplus One seems snappier and touch response is much better. I'd like to have the camera working, but I don't know how to code, so I rely on others 🙂
    So does anybody know if someone is working on the camera?
    Second question is about messages and other stuff on my mx. If I rsync my MX4 /home/phablet/ to the Ubports Bacon, will messages and contacts be copied too?



  • I rsynced /home/phablet from a BQ E5 to a Nexus 5 and I think except wifi passwords everything else was carried over. I had to reinstall all the apps, though.

  • Camera was still broken last time I looked at the OPO build but I know Marius G was looking to try and fix it while working on the Halium stuff

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