Installing the Google Play Store within Anbox on Ubuntu Touch

  • I've decided that I need a small amount of Google on my Meizu Pro 5. I require Revolut and Monzo, two fintech banking apps which pretty much depend on Google services, and I'd much rather run them on that phone with the wonderful UT OS via Anbox rather than an underpowered little Android phone. It seems that both of these apps will require the Google Play Store to fully function. I came across this script:

    But by comparing it to the x86 equivalent:

    I see some differences, e.g. wget is referenced in both scripts but only actually used in the x86 version. Perhaps the UT/arm version is less mature as shown by it's last commit being about 12 months ago on Github. Now, on installing the Google services environment as set up by the script on my Pro 5, the phone no longer runs Android apps correctly (they crash after a few seconds, probably due to memory issues) which suggests that the environment is not correctly installed. Conversely, I have this running fine on one of my x86 installations, and that script seems adequate to such a task.

    It is to my understanding that some members of the community have been able to install Google Play Store just fine on their UT devices. Can any of these individuals please provide guidance? Did you have to tweak the installer script, or what? I also note that the libhoudini stuff offered in the x86 script is a red herring for UT, as you of course don't require an arm compatibility layer on arm devices (and while Monzo works on x86 Anbox, Revolut certainly does not). Any help is most appreciated.

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