C.o.Name [A2] : When is the date ? & how about dedicating it to a team member ?

  • Not sure this is the correct place - but it seems very pertinent to the video I watched of the ubports meeting last week.

    Anyway, there was talk of a change of name for the projekt.

    How would I know anything about the projekt (I am Belgian 🙂 ) - well I have commented on the youtube videos 🙂
    and here on these forums.

    It's best to keep these posts short - but hows about changing the name of the projekt, and deicating it to an Ubports key member ? ...... Flo

    He's by far the most ' fair to middling ' of all the users that I have watched on the ubports youtube channel.

    Ofcourse, he wouldn't like it if we just took the guy's name - so lets use the word "flo" and I suggest calling the

    new Ubports "Overflow" - because the patreons keep giving and supporting the developers' story.

    Love the github page - and I have seen alot of growth in the telegram group.


  • Hi,
    Thanks for the flowers. But the project should not honor a single person for their credit. Its the community that makes it big. I would not accept a name similar to mine, nor I would assume leadership.

    We are preparing another way to give the project a structure and more focus. Watch todays Q&A for more infos 🙂