Repurposing BQ E4.5

  • I'm trying to turn a BQ E4.5 into something like a pi-hole and a dlna proxy.
    I have installed unbound on a libertine chroot but I can't start unbound, even on an unpriviledged port.

    the only output I get is

    [1580931346] unbound[6378:0] warning: setrlimit: Operation not permitted
    [1580931346] unbound[6378:0] warning: cannot increase max open fds from 1024 to 4140
    [1580931346] unbound[6378:0] warning: continuing with less udp ports: 984
    [1580931346] unbound[6378:0] warning: increase ulimit or decrease threads, ports in config to remove this warning

    after the that unbound just quits.
    I this possible without changing the system to RW?

  • I rebooted destroyed the chroot, created a new one and was able to bind port 5353.

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