How can I read gps data from a PinePhone?

  • I have a Pine Phone, brave heart, I want to read the sensors, GPS position in particular. Is there a device In /dev I should look at?

    ran locate and found an application /usr/bin/test_android_gps_api
    it returns:
    Usage: test_gps supl_server supl_server_port lat lon accuracy

    so then i did $man test_android_gps_api
    and got a message about manpages not being installed.
    I installed manpages, but this utility isnt in there.
    so then I though ok, whats this output telling me?

    -bash: test_gps: command not found

    I tried -h and --help. but there was none. How can i get the gps position?
    command-line solutions preferred.

  • You cannot use any Android tools on the pinephone as it has no Android parts inside. Those binaries you see are for the other Android phones we support.

    Basically someone needs to write a new backend service that starts up the GPS modem and parses NMEA messages. That should then be fed into our locationd service, and from there it will be available to all Apps.

    So yes, until someone writes this background service, you will probably not see much. You can of course try to work on some scripting that you could run with the terminal, but thats not really practical.

    Also, this issue will affect all distro that have now a Pinephone variant, so you are better off discussing this in specific Pinephone groups rather than here.

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