AnBox on Nexus 7 flo

  • Hi there,

    I just installed the current version of Ubuntu Touch, chanel dev, on my Nexus 7 flo. Unfortunately, I cannot get AnBox running. Installing anbox-ubuntu-touch went fine, and an AnBox Starter (actually without icon) appeared in the launcher. From there, thing went weird: the icon disappeared, and I am unable whatsoever to install apps, adb does not find anything and as far as I can tell, there istn't even a anbox service running. Has anyone any thoughts about how I can start off from here?

  • Haven't used UT and anbox is a while but from I remember that a special kernel is needed and looking at there is none for flo.

    But then, from my tests with FP2 installing and/or starting anbox complained if I had forgotten to flash the kernel again after a system update.

  • @maro You need kernel patches for Anbox to work, and I doubt they have been made for that device.

  • Thanks for the feedback @Ingo & @Flohack. I also saw that there was no boot image as @Ingo mentioned, but I read somewhere, that for the current dev channel release, those kernel stuff was included. Now I have to flip a coin, whether I get involved or wait for someone else. Hmmm... Does anybody sell spare time?

    Indeed, anbox-tool status says:

    phablet@ubuntu-phablet:~$ anbox-tool status
    Kernel: NOT OK
    System: NOT FOUND
    Enabled: NO
    Running: NO
    # and very loud crying noises

  • @Flohack
    I just found the reference for my statement:
    @matteo said in Development testers for Anbox:

    @BlandCorporation Hi, as far as I know, on devel channel you don't need to flash the kernel image anymore because already embedded in the OS image. This step, according to my experience, led to break something (for instance the wifi connection). I didn't try myself yet and I don't know if it will resolve your issue either but I think that the best would be to restart from scratch in the devel channel and skip the part related to flashing the kernel image.

    So it seems that this does not apply to Nexus 7 flo, alas.

  • @maro No it was a misunderstanding: Kernel patches were only applied to a few devices where Anbox has been tested before. But its not related to devel channel at all, just to th personal effort of someone (or not :)) - We will work more on Anbox when we have time. But please consider that we made a developerĀ“s preview with it last year on a few devices only. Its not a released product, and so we also do not support/maintain it frequently.
    You could try to patch the kernel yourself of course.

  • @Flohack I'd love to, but I don't have any experience with that. Can you provide me with some infos to start with?

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