Randomly crashing of Nexus 5

  • Hi there,
    since some time i got a random problem on my N5.
    When i open MorthBowser it immediately closes again, when i open Dekko or Contacts for exampel no email or contacts appear. After an reboot everything works again. This happens 2 or 3 times a day on any canal.
    Did anyone else made this experience or is it a problem of this particular device?

  • Sounds like you should try a full wipe and reinstall. Definitely not normal behaviour.

  • I will give what a try. If it not works i've got an excuse to by a Pine Phone;-)

  • @Giiba after a fresh installation with wipe the problem still presist.
    If no other Nexus 5 is affected by this, it must be an hardware issue of of my
    specific device.

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