Domotic recomendation

  • I'm currently looking into makeing my home smarter. I saw that UT was supporting Domoticz and nymea. Both look nice. I was wondering if people had feedback on those two.

    Also is there any recomendation on smart devices company/protocol? The more opensource and secure, the better. Personaly I don't want any thing like alexa or google home stuff I want domotic but without internet.

  • @Aurze Hi,
    I made the client for domoticz, I chose it after some tests and it fit my needs.
    About the protocol, I use ZWave, not open sourced, but there are opensource controllers.
    I chose ZWave because of the wide ecosystem of sensors and actors and because I needed a wireless meshed network.
    I like Fibaro's design and products in general but I tried several brands for light bulbs.
    Regarding the price tag, in Europe you can find various ZWave sensors around 30€ (seems to be the minimum price so it should cover the ZWave licence)

    I'm interested in your findings as I would like to have a more open domotic universe at home.
    If you use domoticz, I would love some feedback to improve the UX.
    (I'm working on adding local caching and customization but it's not ready yet)

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