Meizu Pro 5 second hand source.

  • For those looking for a Meizu Pro 5 (which in my opinon still has the best hardware of any of the current UT capable devices) - I was able to get a second hand International TD-LTE version in great shape, for a decent price and in reasonable delivery time from this Hong Kong source. It is the 4GB RAM and 64 GB storage model. The bootloader can be readily unlocked, but flashing current UT onto it is a good bit more complicated than just using the installer - so good to be experienced in using TWRP, adb and fastboot if you go this route. Also - if you are in the USA it will be restricted to 3G/HSPA (which works fine for my needs). Otherwise - this offers a great experience using the UT OTA-12 RC.

    Good instructions on flashing and updating at

    I ended up using this method to do the first part of Step 5 though (as I got errors when trying to use ubuntu-device-flash suggested in the above instructions) -

    Also - people should be aware that if there are any problems that come up caused by the differences between the Ubuntu Touch Edition and this TD-LTE version, that UBports will not be able to fix these. Also it might be difficult for UBports to continue supporting the Meizu Pro 5 for future updates, as it relies on what to my understanding are closed source binary blobs for some of its hardware support.
    Otherwise - I really love my Meizu Pro 5. I was using a OnePlus One as daily driver before - but it is so nice to have working camera zoom and flash, as well USB-C quick charging, MicroSD card support, a much more responsive GPS, as well as fingerprint unlocking, that you get with the Meizu.

    Best regards,
    Steve Berson

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