Morph Browser - Chromium 65

  • Is there any plan to update the Morph browser to some newer Chromium build, as currently it is on Chromium 65 and for the past 3 weeks my bank won't let me sign it to Internet banking due outdated browser.
    I'm on RC now, same situation. Tried create webapp, same story. Anyone with similar issue or it is just me?

    It's happening on all of my devices, N7, Pro 5, Op3t

  • Yes, looks like qtwebengine was finally updated to a newer version and might land in dev after the release of Ota12.

  • @poVoq I was kinda hoping for OTA-12. Any chance to upgrade manually? Maybe a .click to install?

  • No, seems complicated. The problem really is that by now everything is quite dated in UT due to the 16.04 base system..

    I think the team is working hard to get to a newer version of qt, but until they manage to upgrade the base system to 20.04 it is a losing battle.

  • @poVoq it's no dated, it's still supported by Canonical. Maybe after OTA-12 the devs find a time for browser as well. We'll see.

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