Ubuntu Touch Q&A 71 Saturday 7th Of March At 19:00 UTC

  • Ubuntu Touch Q&A 71 this Saturday the 7th of March at 19:00 UTC. Please come along and join us for Ubuntu Touch development, updates and answers to your questions! Post them here before the event and Youtube Livechat and Telegram during the live shttps://youtu.be/t2pNxW_YTt 4how.

    Please remember that questions on porting to device **** or it's status, and questions on bugs will not be answered

  • With the new versions of Notes and Dekko 2 both updating their code from using the old Oxide to the current QtWebEngine, and with current efforts underway or planned to update the uNav, uWriter and Flas apps in the same way as well - I was wondering whether the removal of Oxide support from the image, in order to gain some space for other features, was planned for OTA13, or if it was going to be later. If it is removed am I correct in assuming, that beyond the apps I listed, it would only affect "Ogra" webapps as well?

    Best regards,
    Steve Berson

  • Hi guys,
    With ongoing work for the PinePhone and the soon to be released OTA12, I was wondering how the PinePhone will became a "promoted" device ?
    I mean does it occurs in sync with an OTA or how intricated are the work done to port a device and the work on the OS (rootfs) itself ?

    I hope my question is clear enough.
    Thank you guys.

  • With the removal of Scopes finally done in OTA12 - would enabling the ability to launch an app on startup (optimally via a new option in System Settings) be something that could be considered for OTA13 or 14? This would allow people that prefer alternative app launchers to just the left edge favorites or the App Drawer (such as the currently available Sprint or Launcher Modular) to have them integrated more smoothly with UT.

    Best regards,
    Steve Berson

  • Is that gstreamer-droid based camera only a Halium-thing or will it also come to current ports?

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