Ubuntu Touch color theme

  • Should we use colors, that are identified with Ubuntu and Canonical, I mean default wallpaper (orange and purple), logo etc.? I think that user should have possibility to change color theme as in Windows 10 and OS should support dark theme, in order to save battery and user's eyes at night.

  • I have changed mine by going into Settings > Background and changing it to a darker theme. I do personally think that the UBPorts should move away from the Ubuntu colours. We should have something g clean, fresh and new of our own so people know that UBPorts is new and fresh.

  • Ubuntu/Canonical colors are Ubuntu orange and Canonical aubergine. None of this colors has any role in the latest Canonical designs. None of this colors as well is present in the UI I think apart of Ubuntu logo button and Ubuntu Store icon. It may be present also in some apps that hasn't been updated for a long time.

    I think that we retain the orange Ubuntu logo and Ubuntu wallpapers as long as the Ubuntu Touch name is kept. If the decision to change it is made or we are forced to do this, then the new branding for the OS should be created, consisting of new name, new logo and colors for it.

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