Where are the Fire 7 roadblocks at?

  • I was given a Fire 7 tablet at work and was asking the engineers who work in the computer room; Why Ubuntu isn't on there?

    Rachelfrom Tech told me to ask here.

    So her question was - what are the road blocks about putting ubports on an Amazon Fire 7 or any other device from the Bezo's site??

    She told me to ask, leave it until 20.04 comes out - and then tell her the answer. Ubports, it's over to you.

  • Moved this to Off Topic as it's not directly related to an ongoing port. The information you need for porting can be found here https://forums.ubports.com/topic/2068/halium-first-steps As each device needs porting individually and takes a lot of knowledge and effort it's not easy, even if it is possible for that device (which I am really not sure of).

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