Draw text

  • I'd like an app that converted your draws into text and put it in other apps. All done offline to protect your privacy.
    Writing recognition instead typing the message hitting the keypad.

  • Not only would you need the app/software to do this, you would also need the stylis, which the devices do not currently come with.

  • This would be quite an undertaking, to say the least. To my knowledge, there is no currently maintained open source handwriting recognition layer, so you'd have to write that. Then, you'd need to integrate it deeply into the OS (Possibly into Yunit) and create APIs so apps can take advantage of the handwriting in a new and exciting way.

    Never mind how long it would take to write handwriting recognition...

  • @UniSuperBox
    Even letter by letter?

  • @Cesar-Herrera

    Humans are remarkably good at making their own custom set of glyphs to mean whatever alphabet they want. I've seen some poor handwriting, and your software would be expected to take that down perfectly.

    There have been some handwriting solutions that work letter by letter. You have to draw your characters in their grid. This is not natural. Going further requires a lot of resources, be that time, energy, money, or collected data.

  • It really does seem like a great deal of work for an os that has not got the staff to create an update yet. This seems like it will be a very long way down the track.

  • I know it is a difficult thing. But it is not the app who has to read something but are you who has to learn to draw letters in a way the app understands. I see that are many things more important. Thanks.

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