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  • I have had my E5 running UBPORTS now for a few weeks. I can see that certain small things are different from the latest Ubuntu Touch build. One thing being the calendar in the notification panel. It looks and feels smoother.

    However, since I have had it installed there have been no updates, not even small ones to show me that I am connected to the correct download server.

    I's there any updates due soon, even just small ones to show I am connected to the right server. I know UBPorts are not in the position to give out big updates, but a small one to show Al works fine.

    Or is there any messages that could show you are connected to the UBPORTS server correctly when you check for updates?

  • @UKPhil Basically when you got the little robot log on startup you have our system image and that also implies you are on our update server, since they are hardcoded inside.

    Yes its alittle quiet right now, especially for legacy devices. We are a small team, and we currently need to come forward to having 16.04 image and halium layer ready. So that means there will be no updates for the moment on the older devices (except some App updates sometimes).

    BR Florian

  • @Flohack That is great to hear that I have the correct system image and update server, as I get the robot on boot-up. I totally understand that you are a small team and that it is going to take time, but if I had not of asked, I would not have been sure that I was connected to the right update server. That is where a message on clicking updates in settings would have been useful, something along the lines of “System up to date, currently no further updates from UBPorts”.

  • Ok, so just to make sure everything is working as intended.
    On my BQ Aquaris E4.5 the latest update was performed on 18 June 2017.
    Have I missed anything between now and then?
    Or even better, where can I consult the latest releases so I don't have to pester you with these questions?

  • to Stunts
    yes thats normal. bq4.5 are only security updates.
    same by me. (owner of a bq5). thats not a bad sign. good software needs not every week a update. for me its a bad thing if i would become every week new updates. new updates means every time new software with new stuff but in the same time..with new bugs. thats a matter of workload. if i make more updates available, i must fix eventually more bugs. the ubport-guys are very
    responsible-minded in this. so dont worry . the updates are comming if they needed. 😉

  • @mike it is good to hear that updates are coming. When there are none available it would be a good thing to improve the text on the update message returned.

  • @Stunts said in Updates for devices:

    Or even better, where can I consult the latest releases so I don't have to pester you with these questions?

    may help ?
    roadmap & milestones can be found here https://github.com/ubports/ubports-touch/

  • to UKPhil
    i am not in the update- team. 🙂 bq- devices are not core devices. but supportet with security- patches. i think you allready watched this link but if not you find a lot of this here:


    there are a lot of comments about bq-devices here in the forum too. if you watch the ubport-youtube q&a videos you find even informations about bq-devices.

  • Thanks for the answers guys.
    The github link is especially useful.


  • @mike thanks for the follow up. Not sure if I am explaining this incorrect bit I know that bq devices are not core. With the updates and now update message I mean just an updates message when you try to fetch updates. Not updates them self. No matter what device you have, if there are no updates then a message saying that there are no update currently for your ubports device would be good. That way you know that you are connected to the right server.

  • @UKPhil thanks , yea you right. was a missunderstanding than.

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