Ubuntu Touch sdk API and desktop mode

  • Hello,

    I'm a beginner, I just tried to generate an application click package.
    I used clickable and when running in desktop mode, I have the error:

    file:///home/...mypath.../build/all/app/install/qml/Main.qml:18 module "Ubuntu.Connectivity" is not installed
    Command exited with non-zero exit status 255, see above for details. This is most likely not a problem with Clickable.

    It is present only in desktop mode. And the error appears when I add in the Main.qml: import Ubuntu.Connectivity 1.0

    But why Ubuntu.Connectivity cause an issue and not Ubuntu.Components? they are both in the Ubuntu Touch SDK.

    I initially see this when building the Podbird application, and I reproduce it with the QML template of clickable. I would be also interested to know how the UT-sdk-API is used. I suppose that in native mode, is part of UT in the phone. But in desktop mode, is it managed by clickable within a container or have I to configure, install something else?

    Thanks for your help!

  • I found my problem: my docker image was obsolete.
    I delete the docker image "clickable/ubuntu-sdk 16.04-amd64"
    I launch again: clickable desktop
    It download a new image and run successfully without error.

    I did not know anything about docker, here is what I discover:

    REPOSITORY             TAG                 IMAGE ID            CREATED             SIZE
    clickable/ubuntu-sdk   16.04-armhf         62adb04a1781        13 months ago       2.92GB
    clickable/ubuntu-sdk   16.04-amd64         b2a675929781        13 months ago       2.77GB

    as you see my images were 13 months old!

    • to delete the 16.04-amd64 image: docker rmi b2a675929781
    • and I delete also the 16.04-armhf image

    There is probably a better solution to update a docker image, no?

  • @ublublu said in Ubuntu Touch sdk API and desktop mode:

    There is probably a better solution to update a docker image, no?

    You should be able to run clickable update no?

  • Thank you @dobey, you're right!
    That's was so simple but I did not see it.
    And this is documented: http://clickable.bhdouglass.com/en/latest/commands.html#clickable-update

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