Create Application Automatically Translate

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    I propose that, who knows how to do a program. Make a Program that is embedded in the phone. What would it be about? From the following, this is only an idea:

    -It does not matter what program you are running.
    -It does not matter if you are running WebApp.

    It would be a program that, sliding from top to bottom, where the icons of, sms, location, speaker, connection, etc ... appear. A new icon.

    The new icon would be a program that freezes the system, right in the application that is running, and propose a translation, in your language or several languages.

    This would be done immediately, then a button on the same system freezer program would be clicked, and immediately sent to a server where several translations are corroborated, and someone decides by majority if it is approved.

    Upon approval, the proposed translation is sent to each programmer of the program being executed ...

    The programmer can then decompile his program, and introduce new translations.

    All this would be, without an ubports account, or any other account in the translations section.

    It would be fast, very fast to translate everything.

    Why am I proposing this?

    I am Spanish, and right now I am writing this and translating with "google". I enter the ubports forum and I do not find out anything at all ... I would like to help, but it throws me back the language, it throws me back a lot, they do not make me want to read anything, you translate two pages of the forum, and the third one already you got tired

    I read a lot, and I get tired quickly because everything is in the English language. If someone makes such a program, it freezes the system, whatever the application that is running, and the translation is proposed, which is automatically sent to a ubports server, and another person or others verify by majority that the translation is It validates and creates a system to send each programmer of his created program, it would advance at a giant pace.

    Then many more people would join the project in a selfless way.

    The problem many times is in the language.

    I already wrote time ago in this forum, but I did not continue doing it. More than anything because at first, I wrote in my language and then translated into English, I was only allowed 2 messages like that, but then someone edited my messages and only left it in English. I don't know if they do it for pride of language or what, but it is a delay in advancing. You could also do what I have proposed according to the forum, do it in some way that comes out in the language of each country, surely we would take not 1 giant step, but 100 steps forward.

    Another thing that I want to insist on, which is the following, regarding donations.

    First, if someone uses the phone with the Ubuntu Touch operating system, they are supposed to use it because they want security.

    If the user is looking for security, normally he will not use whatsapp, telegram, or social networks (no, don't miss it) ... I don't use a debit card, how do I donate? no one says how to do it, they just repeat that you give in the ways that they have said, that is not a logical response, I, sincerely would donate money, to support you, because I am really grateful to your efforts but, it is not possible in the ways that you indicate in the forum.

    Well, I don't know if this message will do any good, I hope you think deeply about my proposal for a freezer program, with an icon on top, to paralyze the program that is running and directly without account or password of any kind of capacity, translate and send ... that's it, is the idea ...

    It's possible? I do not know...
    It's complicated? I do not know...

    It's just an idea ...;) Greetings to everyone from Spain 🇪🇦