M10FHD very long time to boot.

  • We know the long M10 boot-time (about 3 minutes) with the ubports image. In the system settings the used storage for "Ubuntu" is about 8 GB, I think. I made a Little test: I reflashed my M10 to the old OTA-15 from canonical. Now the used storage for "Ubuntu" is 3,8 GB. Why is there so a big difference? It is possible, that the ubports-flash with MDT not wipes the old system? Maybe after flashing there are two systems on M10: The canonical AND ubports? Could be that the reason for the long boot time?

  • Do you mean that the M10FHD boots first canonicals UT-Image and i a second step the ubports-image? If we are looking on the display during the device is starting up, i think your idea coold be right... Perhaps Marius Quabek can help....

  • It's only an idea... I'm not a technical specialist, i'm only "user"...

    Have a look on the storage, how much is it at "ubuntu"? (after ubports flash)


  • Used by Ubuntu 8,3 GB !

  • I've sent this to Marius Quabeck, I will tell it, if I get an answer.

  • Uups, I've got very quick a friendly answer! He's no longer working to ubports but he will sent the question to the right persons. He answered that MDT is formating the device and it isn't possible that there are two images on the M10 FHD.

  • With "old" Canonical OTA-15 used by Ubuntu 3,8 GB. Free storage 9,5 GB. Used by other (pre-)installed Apps 1,9 GB. Other files 172,8 MB. In my case...


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