Request : Stocks App

  • Gents,

    There is currently no app on the Ubuntu Touch regarding Stock market.
    (Unfortunately i don't know how to code)

    I would like to highlight that I've found this :

    Is it useful, as a base to create an app for 15.04 ? Is somebody interested in taking thing job for our phones ?


  • There's UBports-watchstock on Openstore. I've no idea if it does what you want.

  • The UBports-Watchstock is a trial to enclose node.js site. Unfortunately isn't keep the stock that has been set it up.
    Moreover I've create the Boursorama webapp wich is the less ad intrusive, how it missing some stock market like the Oslo one.
    There were a scope, unfortunatly isn't maintained and the developer didn't respond to my request to move it to Openstore.

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