WebGL in html app

  • Hello everyone, I made a simple flappy-bird clone using godot and exported it to a WebAssembly and WebGL html app.

    however when i run it using
    clickable desktop
    I get the error telling me it cant find WebGL:
    Screenshot from 2020-04-11 21-57-48.png

    Is there any way to enable WebGL? or is it not suppored in the morph browser?

  • The embedded browser framework (qtwebengine) that UT is using only relatively recently added support for GPU acceleration and only with Wayland.

    UT currently still uses a pretty old version of it and all ports except maybe the PinePhone are not using the very new Mir on Wayland methode yet. In classic Mir there is no GPU acceleration with qtwebengine like there was with the previously used older Oxide browser engine.

    So it will be some time before WebGL or any other form of GPU accelerated browser will be available for most phones.

  • Ah ok, thx.
    guess i'll try to find another way to port it!

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