Community support for LoquiIM (WhatsApp)

  • Dear UBports team!

    As you may know there is a messenger app in the Store called LoquiIM. It's an HTML5 app and was created by FirefoxOS app developers years ago to provide a all around messenger app including WhatsApp. This app is the only full GUI app to make the use of WhatsApp possible on FirefoxOS and Ubuntu Touch. To keep this up, the Loqui team needs your help. It would be a pitty, if this long project died out. We're looking forward to switch over to an Android based client. That is in the far future. Currently we emulate an S40, whose support of WhatsApp has been extended until end of 2018 some weeks ago. But this is not a surviving solution. So if someone has some experience with the WhatsApp technologies and wants to help refreshing this app, also into GUI functionallity direction, feel free to contribute on the project's Github page. Join our Telegram group.

    Thanks in advice and keep up your great work here!

  • Keep up the good work.

    Few bugs I spotted.

    Bug 1 If you type a message in the press enter it sticks the last word on the next line which you have to delete

    Bug 2 If you input an emoji you have to exit the conversation then reenter it. The emojji will then be on the ext line for you to press enter

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