Where is defined which docker image is used for "clickable desktop"?

  • Hallo,

    currently I want to get pure-maps and osmscout-server running in desktop mode (clickable desktop).
    For pure-maps it works without problems, but I can not get it running for osmscout-server.

    Building the click package is working for both apps.

    When I start osmscout-server with "clickable desktop" only the error message occur: amd64-nvidia is not supported by the qmake build yet

    So I asked myself what is the difference between both apps? When running with the verbose flag, you can see that different docker images are used:

    • pure maps
      • Using docker container "clickable/ubuntu-sdk:16.04-amd64-nvidia"
    • osmscout-server
      • Using docker container "clickable/ubuntu-sdk:16.04-amd64-nvidia-195a4200-9cf2-4030-88c4-70800ba70f8c"

    I guess the difference is that pure maps uses the latest version of the image and osmscout-server a fixed version. So I tried to change the docker image used by osmscout-server with
    clickable desktop --verbose --docker-image "clickable/ubuntu-sdk:16.04-amd64-nvidia"

    The result is the error message:
    Container was not initialized with Container Mode. This seems to be a bug in Clickable.

    So what I am doing wrong?
    Where it is defined which docker image is used for "clickable desktop"?
    How do I get osmscout-server running in desktop mode?

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