Problem to flash Aquaris E5

  • Hello,

    I use 2 BQ devices, Aquaris E5HD and Aquaris M10FHD. I bought them in 2016, and flashed both to the Android version, when Ubuntu stopped the support. Lately I realized, that UBports provides an updated version of UT, and tested it. I was very satisfied to find an alternative for Android, and use both devices day-today. Thank you for your work! However, last week the E5 handy got some problems with the display: the screen began to shutter and greyed out, no entries are possible anymore. Thus I decided to start a new installation. The UBports installer 0.4.18-beta did not work, so I began with the SP_flashtool and the Vegeta01A-image. Which worked and provided me with the old UT-version, including scopes etc., all displayed as usual. After that, I launched the UBports installer, started the process which ran through to the success-message. Unfortunately, when power on is used at the device, the display problem is back again: a shuttering b&w screen "powered by ubuntu" comes up and no further action is possible. Any suggestions that might help?

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