Anyone heard about OneDevice?

  • Stumbled across this recently, what do you guys think?

    I think this with UT would be a dream but I guess it would be a lot of work to port it, but if the interest is large enough i guess nothing is impossible 😛 Especially with the increased user base and resources that will come with the upcoming successes of Pinephone and Volla phone 😉

  • @Momaxox
    Don't know this project but for a good long last GNU/linux phone, UBports or not, it must be open source drived hardware, it must be without any androïd component.

    Pinephone and Librem 5 are the only one that are going real, and meat this requirement.

    Volla is androïd based, meaning that GNU/Linux ported OS will be limited to androïd specific linux with proprietary drivers kernel for this hardware.

    This onedevice could be great if going to full open source hardware way.

    Anyway, the guy tells it needs 20000 to 200000 "backers" to go live, VollaPhone is going live with 175 backers...

  • At best, this is a project that is still in early stages of development, so a physical device is still a long ways off.

    At worst, this is vaporware.

    Like @Keneda writes, I think it is best to focus on and support the true Linux phones that are shipping. I personally am excited about receiving (hopefully in the next month or so) the UBports Community Edition Pinephone I ordered.

  • Good points and I totally agree (also have ordered the pinephone) but I'm hoping, maybe overly optimistically, that we can steer them to open source hardware and grow enough in numbers because of successful pinephones to make it happen 😛

    Because I see the pinephone as a proof-of-concept and would like something more high end as a daily driver 😁