New UBports website design. (WIP)

  • Hey fellow Ubuntu Touch users!

    I'm not probably the only person who thinks the UBports website looks a bit outdated, so I worked around 1 hour on a new redesign of the UBports website. It's still a work in progress (obviously) but it looks quite a bit polished. I'll showcase features of Ubuntu Touch on the same page and I think it'll be done and ready for evaluation from the community. You can give me feedback and I'll consider it during development. Here's a preview if you're interested.
    ubports website by mintphin

    I'll post updates in the following days.

  • Thank you

  • looks good...i'd rather see the text below ubports in white for contrasts but looks fine otherwise. looking forward to seeing the next update. i agree, the site needs some help.

  • I think it looks promising! I agree that the text underneath the h1 should be white as it's hard to read for those with reduced sight.

    Do you have a repo set up for this?
    Looking forward to the updates.

  • @Loops Hi! Not yet. Probably gonna set it up soon since I'm planning to give it quite the development.

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