sudo - libertine

  • is there a way to add sudo, to run specific programs in a libertine container?

    forgot to add sudo ofc complains about UID 0 ownership in term emulator inside libertine

  • No. There is no sudo in libertine and it will not work. Installing it may break the container. Libertine containers are unprivileged.

    Why do you need sudo?

    If you do need to run something as "root" you can use libertine-container-manager exec -c bash in Terminal app to get a "root" shell. Otherwise, you should normally use the shell as phablet user with libertine-launch bash for example.

  • @dobey Thanks that is useful toknow

    Am trying uninstall programs installed into the container, unfortunately that didn't help lol

  • (I was not looking to give libertine container root access to the phone OS, just wanted su/sudo inisde the container)

  • @pixelated Yes. There is no sudo or su available in the container, because it is unprivileged and will not work.

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