ubuntu-emulator does not find https://system-image.ubuntu.com/channels.json

  • Hi,

    I'm a completely newbie to Ubuntu Touch, I am working on a Ubuntu 16.04 LTS desktop.
    I want to try out UT (without buying and actual compatible device) with the


    using the following command:

    sudo ubuntu-emulator create somename

    It says:

    Get https://system-image.ubuntu.com/channels.json: dial tcp: lookup system-image.ubuntu.com on no such host

    because this site seems no longer exists. I found that https://system-image.ubports.com/channels.json exists and may for the same purpose, is there a way to tell ubuntu-emulator to use this uri instead of the original one?

    I know it does not supported anymore, but thanks, if you have any useful tips.

  • The old emulator is no longer supported. It will not work.

  • peace be upon those who follow guidance

    @dobey does the framework offers other alternative in case of the following message:

    clickable setup
    Clickable currently does not have docker images for your host architecture "i686"

  • @Abuabdellah

    I found that :

    Alternatively there is the old Ubuntu SDK IDE. Be aware that it is no longer supported by Canonical, and UBports has chosen to not support it either due to lack of manpower.

    also mentioned on telegram by @dobey


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